YOU – Our COLUMBUS customers determine our goals and guiding principles. Already back in 1932 and still today, customer service and professional consulting in all travel-related matters are the core elements of our work. With any new step we take on our path into the future, we are determined to guarantee our customers the highest service quality and use state-of-the art technology to further improve our excellent quality standards


the COLUMBUS family


Our employees, who share our values, are the key to our success. With their passion and know-how, they lay the foundations for lasting customer relationships. Together, we all strive for the same goal: delighting our customers – every day, across all divisions and teams



Our Mother Earth.

We owe everything to her. Without her, her manifold beauty, creativity and diversity, everything that we, who are acting as her “ambassadors,” do would be impossible and meaningless. We do not want to sell Mother Earth and her beauty, but to make people understand and bring them closer to her. In this context, we consider it of the utmost importance to conserve and restore resources. The company owners and the company itself support numerous projects that try to do exactly that



this is a clear case to us, in our COLUMBUS family, everyone is equal and yet diverse. We truly confess ourselves to equality between female and male, handicapped people & we treat everyone with the same respect no matter if you are transgender, intersexual or nonbinary, no matter if you are gay, bi, straight, no matter of your religion or ethnic origin, please have a seat at our table